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Are you fond of cooking? Yes? - then, possibly, you may have noticed that some recipes are like magical potions of Prof. Snape from "Advanced Potion Making" (by Libatius Borage) because they require strict conformity with order and timing of actions.

We suggest that you use Ascella Fullscreen Timer as free-and-easy tool to convert cooking into a pleasant and simple play - just enter consequence of actions to be followed and duration of every step in Ascella Fullscreen Timer. On the screen of your laptop Ascella Fullscreen Timer will show you what to do and how long you should do this. Simple! This is also a very useful way for sharing your recipes with friends and colleagues.

We are sure that your dishes will be perfect... or nearly perfect, even love potions.

Personal studying

It is believed and scientifically confirmed by some enthusiasts that if, after an hour of learning a chapter from your course book, you repeat this information for 5 minutes, the chance to memorize it is dramatically increasing.

Try to set up your timer in the following manner:
- 40 min - for study,
- 10 min - for revision,
- 10 min - for rest and relaxation,

.. and continue in the same way for 3 hours. Then, after a big break, continue for 3 hours again. By the end of the day you will find that you have effectively learnt lots of information. If you accompany your study with a couple of earplugs and switch on a silent profile in your mobile, no doubt that you will be successful in your studies.

Holding examinations

There are certain event in the academic reality which require time accuracy - in particular these are exams and some other events where students are given a limited time for writing their exam papers, test, etc. Ordinary wall clock or similar devices are not very much useful because students who are usually very nervous on such occasions always speculate do they have 5 minutes or 7 min 20 sec remaining to finalize their work.

Certainty - is one of the qualities which student must demonstrate at the exam. The same should be demonstrated by the moderator, or examiner, by means of providing students with precise information concerning time available for completion of exam paper or test in obvious manner. Ascella Fullscreen Timer is the most appropriate device for this purpose and we enthusiastically recommend to use it. No special screen is necessary - the screen of your 15' or 17' laptop is more than enough to serve as a vivid and clear display of time remaining until the end of the exam or some other event.

Ascella Fullscreen Timer Properties Ascella Fullscreen Timer Properties Ascella Fullscreen Timer Properties Ascella Fullscreen Timer
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