Eco-Friendly Clocks

The World Clock has been an accurate and reliable source of time for over 15 years. We at work constantly towards keeping the Clock accurate and updated.

We offer five World Clocks on our site to suit your needs:

The Main World Clock

The Main World Clock features a list of some of the largest, more well-known, and most visited cities in the world. Here, you can view time-zone information, and current time of a select group of cities.

Can't find your city? Chances are that your city will be listed in the Extended World Clock, or can be found using our City Search.

The Extended World Clock

The Extended World Clock displays a large list of cities known to the World Clock. The list is rather big, so it may take some time to load. Although this is the extended list, some cities may still not be included. These cities can be found using the City Search located at the top of the list.

Sort Options

There are three different ways to sort the table:

  • Alphabetically, by city-name.
  • Alphabetically, by country.
  • By increasing local time.

You can also sort the list based on continents located above the list. This feature is available for all of our World Clocks and will show only cities for a particular continent.

Change World Clock Settings

World Clock settings can be changed to your specific needs by selecting the “Change Settings” button located at the top of the World Clock list. A pop-up box will appear where you can select the different visual options for your World Clock.

  • Name Display: Select from the drop-down menu whether you would like the list to include only the name of the city, or the country and city name.
  • Time Format: Choose from a variety of time formats.
  • Display Seconds: Choose to have seconds automatically updated in the World Clock. Note that adding this option may slow down your page and browser.
  • Display Abbreviation: Select “Yes” if you would like to see the time zone abbreviation for each city.
  • Mark DST: Choose whether to display DST information for cities observing Daylight Saving Time. You can choose to mark cities currently observing DST with an asterisk (*) or with text (DST).
  • Columns: Change the number of columns on the World Clock page. You can have up to 8 columns.

The Event Time Announcer

Are you planning a web cast, online chat, teleconference or an event with participants from different time zones? Our Event time Announcer is a fast and convenient way to announce the time of an upcoming international event. The Announcer will convert the time of event to the participants' local time. You can select a city and a time in the past or future, and the time all over the world at that moment will be displayed.

Customizable World Clock

This version of our World Clock allows you to customize how you view the World Clock page. Custom options include:

  • Continent: You can use this option to view selected cities from one of more continents on the World Clock page.
  • Sort: Sort the location you view on the World Clock page by City, City and Country, or Time.
  • Amount: Customize the number of locations you can view. Choose between viewing all cities, selected cities, the default option, only largest cities, or capital cities.
Eco-friendly Water Power Digital LCD Clock Only $6.33
Eco-friendly Water Power Digital LCD Clock Only $6.33
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Bambajam (Eco-Friendly Bamboo Musical Instrument) Clocks
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Dogs!! Eco-friendly Alarm Clock
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