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History Channel live streamWhat was once a network known for great documentary pieces about historical events, The History Channel has branched out into drama and is producing some of the best shows on TV today. The hit Vikings, about real Norse figures in history, was a breakout for the network and has become their flagship show in a sea of reality TV that still proves to be popular.

Pawn Stars, Ancient Aliens, and American Pickers are still favorites and give viewers an entertaining look into the lives of some very niche cultures.

If you’re looking to watch the History Channel online but don’t have cable, you’re in luck. Thanks to some new streaming services, there are great legal ways you can watch a History Channel live stream without cable.

History Channel Live Stream on Sling TV

If you’re looking for a good legal way to watch a History Channel live stream, is your best option. The live streaming service from Dish Network gives subscribers access to over 20 popular pay TV channels delivered over the internet. You can watch Sling TV on your TV with a streaming device (like the Roku 3 that you can ), phone, tablet, or computer.

Of course, if the History Channel alone isn’t enough to convince you that Sling TV is a great option to replace cable in your house, you might be interested in several other channel offerings. Sports with ESPN and ESPN2, cooking with the Food Network, and don’t forget the Walking Dead on AMC, plus a whole lot more. There is even a premium package that offers HBO so you’ll have access to the epic fantasy Game of Thrones.

Hey, T-Mobile customers, did you know you can ? That’s right — for $14 a month, you can watch all of your favorite History Channels shows and even more on your qualifying T-Mobile device. This is available for up to one year and can be cancelled at anytime. Want to learn more? to see what this new promotion is about.

Which History Channel Shows Can You Watch on Sling TV?

With, you get a true History Channel live stream. That means you can watch everything the channel has to offer love as it airs on all your devices.

Sling TV also offers a rotating selection of History Channels shows on demand. This can be a good way to catch up with recent shows you might have missed.

Season 4 of will be coming to the History Channel in 2016. You don’t have to miss a second of the Teutonic action by cutting the cable cord. The show is based on the real life sagas of historical Viking Ragnar Lothbrok who was known for raids throughout France and England. Like most historical dramas there is a lot of fiction mixed in with the fact but it opens up the world of ancient Norse culture for modern audiences.

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