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A new series of the highly popular bbc children's show 'Horrible Histories'. Based on the popular books by Terry Deary, it tells true and often outrageous stories from history in the form of a sketch show.

The show was supposedly over and done with after it's fifth season. But it's popularity means it's back for more. Most of the original cast aren't, due to availability. But actors Simon Farnaby [Death. And others] and Jim Howick do return. As does Lawry Lewin as Oliver Cromwell. Many newer recruits to this season do double up in roles, and there are notable guest stars. Such as Rowan Atkinson as Henry the Eighth. Ben Miller as King John. And Sanjeev Bhaskar in a fair few parts.

There are twelve episodes in this run, which are all twenty five minutes in length [approx.] Spread over three discs in this box set.

Whereas the show previously was just a collection of sketches each week, with occasional regular formats for some of those, this takes a different approach. In that each episode looks at a different famous ruler. These being:

King John.
Alfred the Great.
William the Conqueror.
Mary Queen of Scots.
Henry the Eighth.
George the Third.
Winston Churchill.
Queen Victoria.
Oliver Cromwell.

Each episode sets the scene with an introduction from a minstrel band [who don't quite get on] in song, with Rattus Rattus on the drums. Before going on to tell the tale of the ruler in question. Sketches then follow to help with that. And each episode ends with 'Chatty Deaths' where Death interviews the deceased and sums things up.

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Horrible Histories Catch up CBBC. Watch all episodes from
Horrible Histories Catch up CBBC. Watch all episodes from ...
HorribleHistories Prom
HorribleHistories Prom
Watch Horrible Histories Season 6 Episode 1 S6E1 Magna
Watch Horrible Histories Season 6 Episode 1 S6E1 Magna ...
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