Price: 900 USD​

Omega Constellation Chronometer Automatic


☆ body b belts: s

☆ windshield may be small imperfections are Visual visibility is kept. Can be found Ω mark in the Center. To change the dial discoloration and corrosion is seen. Hands and index annual change (corrosion). Other whole small scratches and scrapes are seen. Brand new belt is replaced. Operation verified, we are currently running.

* Is USED, so please refrain from an edgy look.
* You may look different depending on your monitor, real color and texture photography using digital cameras, because it has taken on.


* Evaluation of numerical breakdown *

S... new unopened, brand new unused
SA... for the exhibition, as well as new signs with fewer beauty products
A thrift... experience at the good level
AB: A and B between about
B General second-hand goods be undertaken only scratches and dirt...
BC... feeling, corner wear and scratches it is seen clearly
C what can be used... that available evidence clearly seems to be that there is major damage or damage
D... junk. To use the repair is required. Parts and the repair is better for you.

It is not about the compare to other stores and 1 preliminary. Please consider it as standard.
Basically does not accept the return or Exchange. (See company overview)
Please consider who made him nervous and careful because we are dealing with second-hand goods.

♦ regarding color we have as much as possible close to the actual shooting, shooting with a digital camera for your shooting situation and your environment turns.

♦ all products we carry are real. If we guarantee if the imitation (copy).

♦ the arrival conducts thorough prior inspection, product management, if defective if you had only 3 days from shipping a return to (time period) is immediately please verify the purchased item.

♦ does not accept returns due to customer's request. Good detailed read on the your bid please.

◆ email please feel free to ask.

OMEGA Classics Constellation Chronometer オメガ
OMEGA Classics Constellation Chronometer オメガ ...
Omega Constellation 1308.35 Caliber 1120 Chronometer
Omega Constellation 1308.35 Caliber 1120 Chronometer ...
Omega Constellation Chronometer 18k gold
Omega Constellation Chronometer 18k gold
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