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Now you can get FREE online clock for your web site, blog or social network page in 3 easy steps:

1. Choose the clock you want to put on your site and configure it's size, color and time format. We have developed four different online clocks for you to choose from: simple digital clock, Flash analog clock, Flash digital clock and Time Banner.
2. Copy generated HTML code.
3. Paste it on your website!

That's simple! In 5 minutes you can upgrade your site or blog with great interactive widget, which will make your web presence even more bright and user-friendly!

Important! On this page you can get clock for any country in the world located in one time zone. If you want to show time for the country which is located in several timezones (like US, Russia, Brazil, and so on) please check city clocks here and clock for any city in the United States here.

Text Digital Clock

Digital clock provides all the functionality you need and doesn't take much space on the webpage. You may choose the following parameters: time format (24-hours or 12-hours with AM/PM ), whither to show date, and even whither to show seconds or not. The clock will look like this:

Time in the United Kingdom -

or like this:

Time in Spain -

Configure your own clock using the form below and then click "Get HTML code" button:

Analog Flash Clock

Analog Flash clock proposed to you by team is really unique and fancy website widget! You can choose the color of the clock, adjust it's size and choose the country!

Your clock will look like this:

Digital Flash Clock

One more Flash widget for your site, very easy to configure and install. Simply specify country name, then choose how the clock will look like(size and colour) and generate the code! Paste the code on your webpage and this nice Flash clock will appear on your site!

Time Banner

Time Banner is developed for those interested in making their web presence more bright and user-friedly. It's not as traditional as standard Flash Clocks and by no means more vizible and stylish. As well as for the Flash clocks you may choose the color and size of your banner. After you put it on your site this Time Banner will randomly show cuttent local time for countries around the world.

Time banner on your site will look like this:

Configure your own Time Banner using the form below and then click "Get HTML code" button:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I place more than one clock on my page/site?
Yes, you can place on your site as many clocks as you wish, as well as you can place more than one clock on a single page.

2. Can I change the code you provided?
In general, we do not allow any changes to the code provided. The clock just may not function properly if you change the code, so we advice you to paste the code "as it is". However, if you are familiar with HTML you may change the following:
- change color, size, alignment and highlighting of the text;
- translate country names into your language;
- make minor changes to the text for Digital Clock.
Other changes, especially removing hyperlinks, are not acceptable. Your copy of clock may be blocked at any moment if code is changed.

3. Country for which I need a clock, have Daylight Saving Time rules applied. Will the clock update correctly for the summer time?
Yes, of course. We are proud to provide accurate adjustments for local daylight saving rules for any place around the world!

Free clock for your website or blog - choose between simple text clock, Flash analog or digital clocks and Time Banner!

Cold Play - Clocks
Cold Play - Clocks
Clocks Coldplay (Salsa Version) Video
Clocks Coldplay (Salsa Version) Video
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