RA School of Horology

School of Horology

What you can expect

For the beginning student, the class format is structured with lessons centered on tools and their uses, nomenclature, understanding the clock mechanism – how to take it apart and put it back together safely - and assessing and understanding common problems and how to solve them.

For the more advanced student, the class provides more of a workshop setting where students work on personal projects in a supportive environment where help and tools are available. The course will concentrate primarily on weight-driven or spring-driven traditional European and American time or time-and-strike movements of all varieties. We don’t deal with electric clocks or cuckoo clocks, however we certainly can guide you to additional resources on those topics. You may find that the course opens doors into other areas of study or training such clock case building or restoration.

Your instructors

Niles, Clinton and Cecelia are crazy about clocks, and watches, and timepieces, and well... small mechanical devices in general. We offer years of experience, a desire to share our knowledge and a passion for keeping the craft alive.

Your fellow students

Mix with a friendly group of people from a variety of backgrounds who share a passion for timepieces.

Your classroom

Some lectures, some demonstrations, some problem-solving, and plenty of one-on-one mentoring from instructors as well as from fellow students. You will have access to more advanced shop tools such as lathe, ultrasonic cleaners, bushing tools.


Purchase of hand tools by the student is required. Beginning students are also required to purchase a time-only basic clock movement on which to learn. (We don’t want you to spoil grandma’s special antique.) Tool costs can range $75 to $100 depending on the quality of tools and where purchased. You may already have some general tools that you can bring. The school has enough tools to allow you to get started until you can purchase your own set. We can help you find used tools for those not able to buy a new set.

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