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5 o clock shadow Shaver

Beyond all the noise, the best beard trimmer will give you an even cut with different lengths so you can give yourself a perfect fade. that comes along, there are several deciding factors—pros and cons—when choosing a trimmer to care for your beard.

Before jumping on Amazon and impulsively buying one, you’ll first need to determine what its main purpose(s) will be. Is it for perfecting the 5 o’clock shadow or transforming yourself into a real-life Rick Grimes? Shaping that uneven jaw-line? Manscaping? It can't be denied that body hair is closely linked with your image of self and, to some extent, reflects your personality. But whatever look you're going for, most trimmers posses an array of versatile features and multiple length settings (plus double as an electric shaver to achieve cleaner, well-groomed looks), so you're unlikely to run out of options.

Lots to take in. If you’re ready to fade that crumb duster, thigh tickler or whatever nickname it takes after, let's go shopping. Here is a look at the best beard trimmers available right now.

Wahl Bump Control Rechargeable Trimmer

Key features: Open blade design, self-sharpening carbon steel blades
Shaving bumps are a common problem for men with coarse hair. While grooming brands like Bevel are tackling the issue head on with its razor system, Wahl aims to tame such facial impurities with its specialty trimmer. The device’s ground diamond finish blades execute sharp-looking shaves without causing inflammation or pulling hair. Consider it ideal for fades, outlines, and of course trims.
$24.69 at Amazon.com


Key features: Long-lasting charge, four trimming attachments, sleek look
Arguably the most stylishly innovative of the batch, this wireless offering is designed to command hair trimming anywhere on the body. Not to mention it looks sexy as hell. The TRYM II comes operational straight out of the box, though users can get it fully charged in 8 hours—with one charge lasting several weeks. Four different trimming attachments, a cleaning brush, and an oil and a charging base (complete with AC adapter) completes this Amazon best seller.
$49.99 at Amazon.com

Panasonic ER-GB40-S Milano

Key features: Waterproof, 19 length settings, decent charge life
Showering and shaving has never been easier than with the Panasonic ER-GB40-S. A specialized water drainage system makes facial maintenance simpler, plus allows the trimmer to be fully submersible in aqua. You’ll discover 19 different length settings that handle almost any length of hair. The classic nickel-metal hybrid battery lives for about 50 minutes on a 15-hour charge, but given the available settings, it shouldn’t make for any problems.
$25.99 at Amazon.com

Panasonic Body Electric Trimmer ER224S

Key features: 5 precision settings, 100% Waterproof
With 14 settings controlled by a quick adjust dial, this hair and beard trimmer from Panasonic is great for all styles and lengths. The Body Electric trimmer comes with spring-loaded stainless steel blades, which are durable and functional in both wet and dry conditions, not to mention the whole unit can be cleaned in seconds under running water. At $19.99, this is the easiest way to carry out all your "housekeeping" chores.

Source: www.askmen.com
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