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Parts of an hourglass

Finding Ship Parts

Ship Parts are pretty easy to come by, and there are five ways Link can get them.

1) Purchase the ship parts from Beedle or the various island shops.
2) Use the salvage arm to bring up sunken treasure from the ocean ground.
3) Find them in various treasure chests all throughout the overworld and temples.
4) Some of the various mini-games will award ship parts for getting high scores.
5) Trade ship parts with various people via Nintendo Wi-Fi.

Playing through the main quest of the game will get you quite a few ship parts, but if you are trying to complete the game with all the ship parts, you are going to need to do some extra work. Beedle's shop will constantly be selling ship parts, but sometimes they can be quite expensive. Even if you have reached VIP status and get 40% off on your purchases, they can still be pricey.

Alternatively, you can go with salvaging treasure from the ocean. Link will collect many treasure maps as he goes through with his quest and each treasure map has a corresponding sunken treasure. Many of which have a end reward of a ship part. For a complete listing of all the sunken treasure, take a look at our Treasure Maps page. Also, in certain parts of the Great Sea, Link will bump into large pirate ships. If Link is able to sink a large ship before the pirates ambush you, than the ship will sink to the bottom of the ocean floor. A red x will appear on your map, showing another sunken treasure that holds a ship part.

If you have already completed the game, or at least already have the Phantom Sword, there is another way you can go about finishing your ship parts collection. In all of the floors within the Temple of the Ocean King, Link gets an award if he defeats all the Phantoms. If Link can get rid of all the phantoms on floors B7, B8, and B9. Also, after Link has defeated the phantoms on floor B13, he access the Stairway to Bellum. He can return to the main entrance of the temple and battle through the entire temple once again. This time after reaching the stairway to Bellum, he will be rewarded with two treasure chests that contain ship parts.

All of the ship parts that you get are completely random, so how do you get exactly the ship parts that you need? Well, by trading of course.

Trading Ship Parts

The game allows players to use Nintendo DS Wi-Fi capability to trade ship parts and treasure with friends all around the world. What you need to do in order to begin the trading process, is to meet up with Freedle, the instrument playing dude at the top-right of Mercay Island. If you don't know how to reach him, refer to section 8.1 within chapter 8 of the Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough.

There are two methods that you can actually trade ship parts online. Tag Mode is the simplest way to go if your friend is nearby. Either place a ship part in one of the three boxes near freedle while you are in game, or in tag mode. Then go to tag mode and if there is somebody nearby also in tag mode, the ship parts will be traded.

Battle Mode is the other option of trading ship parts. Once again, place the ship parts in one of the boxes near freedle. After you setup and complete a multiplayer match with an online friend, the ship parts will be traded. The game has to end and if one player quits out early there will be no trade. The outcome of the match is irrelevant, as the parts will be traded regardless.

Ship Parts Pricing

Link can also sell back ship parts at the treasure teller's hut on Mercay Island. Much like when Link is purchasing ship parts, the prices are complete random. The only exceptions are the golden ship parts and the standard ship parts that come with Linebeck's ship. The initial ship parts that come with the ship cannot be sold at the treasure teller's hut. The golden ship parts will always be pricey when purchasing them, and they will always sell for 1, 500 to the treasure teller. The rest of the ship parts will sell for 50, 150, 800, or 1500 rupees.

Customizing Your Ship

To customize your ship with all the ship parts that you have received, head on over to the shipyard, which is right near the dock on Mercay Island. The shipyard worker will swap your ship parts however you'd like. You can view your ship at this point as well. Mix & Match to find the coolest looking and strongest combinations. There are eight different ship sets that are available. Matching more of the same ship parts on your ship will give it better health when Link is at sea. Linebeck's ship begins with a health bar of four green hearts. Below is a quick chart of the effect of using the same ship parts.

Three of a kind: Adds one heart
Six of a kind: Adds two hearts
Complete set: Adds three hearts
Three gold ship parts: Adds one heart
Four gold ship parts: Adds two hearts

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